3D COFORM research

Client: The European Commission
Date: August 2012

CMC was a founding partner in 3D–COFORM, an 8 million euros, EC project aimed at pioneering affordable, practical and effective ways to digitise, study and display of European cultural heritage in 3D. Working with the leading research institutes and museums of Europe, CMC has been developing a series of deployment experiments and displays to explore both professional and public use of these cutting edge 3D resources.

We were the project partner charged with producing this ground breaking exhibition on the latest use of 3D technology by European heritage organisations. This marks the culmination of 4 years of research and development by all the partners involved in this European project. The exhibition contains a wide range of installations from detailed rapid prototypes to interactive 3D screens and projections and will travel from Brighton to Italy, Cyprus and Germany.

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Visit the 3D-COFORM website here.

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A small sample of experiments from the 3D COFORM project