3D-ICONS research

Client: European Commission
Date: 2012 – 2015

The CMC team is a key member in 3D-ICONS, a project which brings together partners from across Europe with the relevant expertise to digitise in 3D architectural and archaeological monuments and buildings identified by UNESCO as being of outstanding cultural importance. The project contributes content to Europeana aiming to increase the critical mass of engaging 3D content available to Europeana’s users. Currently CMC is working on the houses at Skara Brae as their main focus for this project. You can view the resources we produced here: CMC 3D ICONS Skara Brae. Our 3D work on Skara Brae is derived from the Scottish Ten data.

Visit the 3D-ICONS website here

3D Icons
St Louis Church
Skara Brae
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