Game of Crowns exhibition

Client: National Library of Scotland
Date: October 2015

The new temporary exhibition at NLS commemorates the 300th anniversary of the 1715 Jacobite uprising. It traces an absorbing tale of dynastic, political and religious wrangling; a story of power struggles within a network of royal families, fed by the allegiances of the time with the central figure being the ‘Old Pretender’ James Stuart. CMC worked with the library’s curators and education team to produce all of the digital displays including an interactive family tree and timeline, audio character listening posts, a ‘jukebox’ of Gaelic and Hanoverian songs and a closing movie that introduces Prince Charles Edward Stuart, letting visitors know that the story is far from over.

Some of the digital content from the exhibition is now on the NLS website:
• The 1715 Jacobite Rising

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Some audio excerpts from various installations within the exhibition