3D Scanning locomotives

Client: Railway Preservation Society of Ireland
Date: April 2015

The Railway Preservation Society of Ireland (RPSI) cares for some of last remaining working examples of steam-driven locomotives. At their Whitehead engineering works the society painstakingly restores and preserves a wide range of rolling stock including passenger carriages, freight cars and engines.

As part of the RPSI redevelopment plan CMC was invited to participate in a pilot study to digitally record a selection of the Society’s collection. Ten subjects were selected; three steam engines, one diesel engine, four carriages, one freight car and one brake van.

With its project partners – Dublin-based The Discovery Programme – CMC performed an intensive programme of laser scanning and photography during January and February of this year. Each vehicle was meticulously scanned with a Faro laser scanner to supply accurate 3D data and then photo-documented to record colour and texture information.

The resulting data was compiled between the Dublin and Edinburgh offices and a detailed library of 3D models, schematics and photographs was prepared and delivered to the RPSI in May 2015.

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