Shaping the Landscape

Client: Clyde & Avon Valley Landscape Partnership

Date: January 2018

The Clyde & Avon Valleys provide arguably the finest examples of fluvioglacial erosion to be found anywhere in Scotland. This is a long and dramatic story, culminating in how the area’s geology has come to shape the lives and livelihoods of the region’s communities, over more recent centuries. The exhibition is hosted by the New Lanark Mills, World Heritage Site but has been designed with modularity in mind.

The combined team of CMC Associates and Abound conducted community workshops and consulted with experts to shape the exhibition content. Through the use of traditional interpretation panels, hands-on elements, sound bites and other digital media – including stunning drone footage captured by CMC – we have created a multi-sensory environment to encourage engagement and active learning. Post-project evaluation of the exhibition has revealed that the exhibition has been very well received by the client, funders and the public. One visitor commented, ‘You can almost feel the river breeze on your face’.

CAVLP exhibition photo
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