Whiteadder, Heart of the Lammermuirs

Client: Scottish Borders Council, August 2020

This project was designed to promote communities and their heritage along the Whiteadder Water in the Lammermuir Hills. The key focus was on the archaeology of the Whiteadder ‘corridor’ but the area’s ballads, songs and creative arts were actively included. CMC’s role was to lead on community events, interpretation, storytelling and the arts.  As the second half of the project took place during the Covid-19 lockdown a significant part of project’s outreach became its online presence and a series of festival and conference events was organised, and largely held, on social media. The festivals were a particular success each taking place over a number of days and attracting ‘footfalls’ in the thousands, generating far more interest and support than the ‘community hall’ meetings we had originally intended, ever could.

This is FANTASTIC! Honestly it makes me tear up a little. I had hoped that this would attract people from all over, but ironically it was the nimbleness of the team to go digital in response to Covid that really struck the chord. Thanks to you and all the team for making my vision come to life in a really meaningful way. 

Dr Chris Bowles – initiator of the project for Scottish Borders Council summing up his approval of what was achieved in very different circumstances

Our digital asset management system, CMC Flow, was used to geolocate all interpretive content including a full range of creative arts and festival content. Resources in CMC Flow were edited and then posted directly to web pages and mapping pop-ups on the website. A substantial series of downloadable publications, as well as selected paper publications, detailing the results of the project were produced for community and educational use. These included walking guides, excavation summaries, creative arts projects, music, ballads, place-names studies and reconstruction drawings. Many of these publications are linked to an extensive archive of posts and social media blogs as well as video and audio resources. This extensive resource – The Whiteadder Atlas – was a major deliverable of the project.

Visit the Whiteadder Atlas web site here.

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