Strathnaver Museum Installations


The major refurbishment of Strathnaver Museum is nearing completion. The Museum with its new annex (to the right above) will re-open Spring 2023.

CMC are working with our friends in Abound Design & Interpretation to provide a full re-display of the collections. Installation is well advanced, and we will be up again shortly for a final update of the digital content. 

The collections have long been housed in the former parish church. This has now been completely refurbished and a purpose-built annex added nearby.  The new displays cover the rich history of the area from prehistoric times – concentrating somewhat on the Clearances and clan Mackay.

CMC have created a range of AV installations on large screens and projections that tell the rich story of the community and its history. We have also a designed a number audio listening post and interactive screens that allow visitors to dig deeper into the history of individuals and everyday life.